About Us

The premier providers of hearing healthcare services in Silverdale, WA has brought their audiology expertise to their new e-store: Hearing Aid Supply Link! Link Audiology opened in 2015 to bring a variety of new hearing healthcare services and products to Kitsap County. We were the first in our area to work with children of all ages, the first to work with cochlear implants, and the first to offer unbundled hearing aid pricing. And now, the first in Kitsap to offer a one-stop e-shop for hearing aid supplies, batteries, earplugs, and other related devices.

Hearing Aid Supply Link is here to provide you with the supplies that you need to take care of your hearing aids. We’re owned and operated by licensed and certified audiologists to provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to get the right supplies for you. Have a question about whether you’re getting the right batteries? Or what dryer will work best for your hearing aids? Just email us as info@hearingaidsupplylink.com and we’ll get back to you with an answer right away! Looking for something not currently available on our site? We take requests too!

Link Audiology takes pride in the quality service and low prices we have been providing for our patients for years. Now we’re bringing the same standard to Hearing Aid Supply Link.